Monday, April 1, 2024

A Bit of Light (2024)

A recovering alcoholic named Ella (Anna Paquin) has had to move in with her father Alan (Ray Winstone). Her kids are with her ex and his partner.  Always on edge and nearing spiraling down thanks to battles over her kids and AA, she meets a young man named Neil (Luca Hogan). This becomes a friendship that gives Ella a foothold to put her life together.

This is good little drama that always remains watchable by giving us a bunch of actors operating at the top of their game. The actors make the characters people and as such we are willing to lean in. (And I love Winstone playing a dad)

While the script is nothing we haven’t seen before, it’s nice that it stays realistic and doesn’t invent drama just to keep things moving. There are no false notes here.

A small gem of a film that’s worth a look

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