Thursday, April 4, 2024

A Good Place (2023) NDNF 2024

Director Katharina Huber film is either going to be your favorite film at New Directors New Films or your least. A meandering tale set in an isolated community dealing with a mysterious disease that seems to kill some people or cause them to disappear, everyone seems not to do much except watch and listen to English broadcasts while speaking in German. There is talk of an upcoming rocket launch that will send people to the stars.

What does it mean? I have no clue.  There are hints at something but we don’t have all the answers. Huber said in an interview that she wants to give the audience room to piece together their own answers. I really don’t know if there is anything there other than what we bring to the table.

Shot to look like we are in an idyllic location the film looks and feels important. It will be up to you to determine just what is.

Unlike most people who seem to be split into rabid love for the film or a deep seated loathing, I’m somewhere in the middle. I like the look and feel of the film. I like it’s off kilter nature, but at the same time the lack of answers and it’s rambling nature really works against the film. There was a point where the rambling nature made me raise my hand and feel I was done.

If you are in a mood for a film with no answers and just lots of questions five A GOOD PLACE a try.

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