Monday, April 29, 2024

Seguridad (2024) Hot Docs

Tamara Segura tries to un ravel her complicated relationship with her abusive father and the country she left behind, Cuba.

This is one of those films that seems to be one thing and then opens up into something larger. Segura’s tale about trying to connect to her father becomes a journey through her family’s history, what made her father become abusive, an exploration of the Cuban revolution, what it means to leave your home country and a few other things. It’s a film that wonderfully is opening doors every couple of minutes, with the result the film makes our eyes go wide as we are brought into a seeming never ending tale.

This is a great film.  It’s wonderfully curated ride through a the life of not only the director but her family and the country of her birth. It is a film that also transcends being just one person’s story, but one that we all can see ourselves in. Something somewhere in this tale is almost certain to click with you.

One of the best films at Hot Docs, it’s also one of the great finds of 2024.

Highly recommended.

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