Wednesday, April 10, 2024

ANY SIGN AT ALL (2023) Florida Film Festival

Faryl Amadeus’s short film is  the story of a pregnant young woman looking for guidance from above. On her way to meet potential adoptive  parents for her child, she is running hopelessly late. Then her car and phone die in quick succession. When things continue at a gas station she is forced to ponder what she is supposed to do.

This is a tightly packed tale where it seems everything that can go wrong will. There is a certain point where you stop thinking about anything but finding out what is going to happen in the next moment. How is this going to slide now. You can’t look away because we are so invested in what we are seeing.

That the film works so well it’s simply that Amadeus always keeps everything grounded. Yes the amount of things going wrong in a such a short period of time is simply something you only see in the movies, but at the same time everything is so perfectly done, and so perfectly timed that you really can’t not believe it is possible. The fact that the grounding and pacing is dead on perfect makes this film an absolute killer.

Actually it is so perfectly done you are going to want to know what happens next after the end credits roll. Sadly we will never find out because I emailed Amadeus about finding out and she said that she is prepping a couple of feature films and can’t expand the tale.

Set to plays April 13th at 2pm and April 16th at 6:30pm at the Florida Film Festival ,ANY SIGN AT ALL is a must see.

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