Sunday, April 28, 2024

THE STRIKE (2024) Hot Docs 2024

This is the story of the hunger strike at Pelican Bay SHU, and across California in 2011 that brought an end to the wholesale warehousing of inmates. It is told by the men who were at Pelican Bay and participated in the strike.

This is a super film. Focusing not just on the strike, but also on how and why the  prison was built, how it affected the men who stayed there and their loved ones, this is film that really makes you understand how there is a problem with how we deal with the people who commit crimes. It’s a film that doesn’t lecture, but instead is like sitting in a bar with a friend and having them tell you their story. Its put together in  a way that doesn’t just throw facts and figures at you but makes you think and change your mind. Where other film tell you things but still leave you disconnected, this is a film that connects you and brings you waves of emotion as we see what happened and how these men changed the world.

This is such a good film.

No matter where you stand on criminal justice you need to see this film because it makes the discussion one you can relate to on a personal level.

Highly recommended.

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