Friday, April 26, 2024

A Mother Apart (2024) Hot Docs 2024

Portrait of Jamaican-American artist, performer  poet and LGBTQ+ activist Staceyann Chin,who has been struggling with the notion of how to be a good mother. It’s a struggle that she has been wrestling with she was abandoned by her own mother decades before.

While I know that this is a great and moving film, I am also very aware that I am the wrong person to be writing up this film. This is a film about mothers and daughters and how they view each other and while I can get some of that being a person with parents, the fact that I am not a woman diminished some of the resonances that I should have felt.

That said, A MOTHER APART  is kick ass film. It’s a film that in exploring the relationship between mothers and daughters the film also forces us to consider how we connect to our parents and children. It’s a film that asks a lot of difficult questions but also raises a great deal of hope.  It’s clear that even though Chin‘s mom wasn’t there she still found a way to grow and thrive. As the film says some times the bumps are a way of parenting.

I loved this film. When it was done I was emailing the ladies on my email list to tell them to put this on their must see list.


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