Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Harakiri Squad (2024) Fantaspoa 2024

This film is a musical samurai comedy riff on the DC comics Suicide Squad about a group of thieves who are kept in a poisoned state by a the government in order to get them to do jobs for them. As long as they do the jobs they get the antidote to the poison. They end up hooking up with a young man who is looking to rescue his sister from a cult. The cult is headed by a demon and it is the target of the Harakiri Squad.

This film is a blast. Back in the Subway Cinema days of the New York Asian Film Festival this would have been one of the big films of the festival because it's wild and crazy and has a glorious sense of fun. This is a film that is going to riff on the Suicide Squad (one character's name is Suicide Squid), musicals, samurai films, possession films and a few other things, and do it with a big smile on it's face.

It's also going to give us some really good action sequences. Sure the film is a bit low budget, but it really doesn't matter since the fillmmakers use that to their advantage and have things take unexpected turns.

The handful of musical numbers aren't bad. While some seem just dropped in out of left field, most have a place in the story (kind of). They are also not bad as musical songs go, and while probably not destined to live on outside the film, they still are catchy enough not to annoy.

While the last third or so of the film gets a bit lost as things swing around for the final battle, the film still remains compelling, largely because we truly like the characters and care about them. I for one would love to see a sequel or two down the road.

Highly recommended for anyone who loves a good time HARAKIRI SQUAD just premiered at Fanaspoa

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