Wednesday, April 10, 2024



Stefan is a teenage boy whose mother is the public face for the Milosevic regime. As the political situation begin to crumble and the people begin revolting Stefan is forced to confront the fact that life is not as his mother says it is and that his childhood is over.

One of the best films at this year's New Directors New FIlms is a stunning mediation not only the history of Serbia but also the state of the world today. In a world where everyone is being fed a steady stream of echo chamber pablum from their choice of news source, we all are running into possible danger about what is really going on catching up with us.

On a smaller scale this is simply a great little drama. It is beautifully acted to such a degree that by the time the final images are flickering on the screen we are broken. In a festival full of cold artistic turns LOST COUNTRY is a film with a beating heart.

A must see.

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