Sunday, April 14, 2024

Homicide New York(2024)

Five part Netflix series that is a sort of a documentary series of Law And Order.  Focusing on a group of NYC detectives, an Assistant District Attorney and  a medical investigator as they relate some of their cases. 

This is a super series. Once you get past the weak first episode the series is something that is going to make you binge it all in one series.  It took me two days to watch the first episode and when I was done I ended up streaming the rest in one night. This is great stuff.

Covering some big cases from the last few decades the series covers a grop of teens who killed a man in Central part, s serial killer/rapist in Harlem, a killing over the Carnegie Deli and two others. They are all cases you've heard about and this is a look behind the curtain.The best part of the series is we see the toll the cases take on the good guys. We see how they become involved and how t becomes too much and walk away. Having a friend who was a prosecutor who took her own life because the voices never left her  Dealing with the cost was something we don't see.

I loved this series and I've been recommending it.

I hope there is going to be more.

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