Thursday, April 25, 2024

BASTARDS OF SOUL (2024) Dallas International Film Festval

The group the Bastard of Soul was on the cusp of exploding across the pop world. They were so set to be HUGE that director Paul Levatino filmed the recording of their last album and several shows. It was going  to be what everyone dreamed of… And then the unthinkable happened, front man Chadwick Murray died, sending everything crashing down.

This is a great, but very bittersweet film. Joy and wonder of the band before the tragedy fills our hearts early on. While we know early that there is going to be a turn, there are moments when we forget and if we don’t forget then we hope it won’t happen. Sadly it does and the film shifts into one about trying to pick up the pieces and go on.

I was moved.

Watching Murray’s wife trying to explain coming to terms with the loss just as their baby was being born broke my heart. There is also a lot of sadness  generated by the band who’s shot at stardom got short circuited.

This is a truly great music doc. In a year that has already had some great music docs, this is one of the best.

Honestly this film is so good that it had me frantically emailing friends telling them to cover it, as well as sent me looking for the music.

If you love great films, especially ones about great music BASTARDS OF SOUL is a must see.

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