Sunday, April 28, 2024


Even allowing that I am a sucker for Ludwig Van’s 9th, Larry Weinstein’s film about it and humanity still left me misty.

Using Beethoven’s 9th Symphony as a backbone, Weinstein decides to tell us about the lives of nine people who embody what he feels are the qualities that the composer was trying to celebrate in setting the poem that makes up the fourth movement to music. It is a journey that goes into all sorts of unexpected places.  Indeed at the start of the film Weinstein warns us that the film we are seeing is not the one he was intending to make. Once we make the journey to the end we completely understand what that is.

I truly love this film. The marriage of sound and image and subject made my heart soar. While anyone would have lifted me up on their own, Weinstein’s expert marriage of the three makes this a film that will make your heart soar.

It is an Ode To Joy In the best sort of a way.

You will forgive me for not going into great detail but quite frankly the best sort of joy is the sort you find yourself.  I love this film and I want you to experience it as close to the way I did as you can.

One of my favorite films of the year.

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