Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Cu Li Never Cries (2024) NDNF 2024

A woman returns to her home town to spread the ashes of her ex husband, deal with the pygmy slow loris she inherited and to reconnect with her niece who is getting married and seems doomed to relive past mistakes.

An intriguing drama is turned into an art house meditation on the lives we lived, the ones we left behind and the ability to control the future. It's a film full of moody black and white images and silences that are supposed to portend something.

Somewhere into the early part of the film I began to wonder if all of the artistic flourishes were really needed. Would this have been a better film had the story had been simply told? Somehow I think it would have been better had the camera not lingered and a few more things actually had been spelled out. 

Please forgive me for seeming to be a Luddite but there is enough here in the basic tale that dressing it up raises the stakes and the expectations higher than they should be.  For me there was no grand revelation.

A miss.

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