Thursday, April 25, 2024

Beyond The Raging Sea (2024)

Finding a film like BEYOND THE RAGING SEA is the reason I continue doing Unseen Films. Because I am writing on film I get all sorts of people putting films on my radar I would ever have seen otherwise. Such was the case of this film, which I got information on and watched one afternoon when I wanted to go off the board of highly promoted films.

The film is the story of Omar Nour and Omar Samra two Egyptian athletes, best known for mountain climbing, who decided to take part in a race where they row across the Atlantic Ocean unaided. They want to bring the plight of the refugees fleeing across seas greater attention. It does not go as they ever expected, and they would end up with a tale that illustrates the dangers of traveling great distances in small boats by sea and as such it’s one gripping tale.

Made up of a lot of talking heads and just the right amount of footage shot before, during and after the race,this is a film where you start the film thinking it’s going to be a run of the mill tale  and by the you’re on the edge of your seat, dying to know how this comes out. I’m not saying what happens but it kept me riveted for the entire run time and made me wonder when, not if, Hollywood was going to try and turn it into a blockbuster.

This is a great story expertly told. 

You need to see this… and when you do you will be telling your friends to see it.

Highly recommended.

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