Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Marching In The Dark (2024) Hot Docs 2024

Sanjivani, is a widow struggling to raise her family and run her family farm. Not long before her husband committed suicide because of the crushing debt and the inability to make a go of the farm. Turning to the numerous women in the same situation as herself she begins to organize and create a community that can begin to allow the women to make a living and get ahead.

The plight of the countless farmers in India is terrible. They are being crushed by a system stacked against them, the buyers of the goods find any and every excuse to pay the famers as little as possible, and every other part of their lives is set up to take their money and keep them in poverty. It is a life I would wish on no one. The fact that there is an epidemic of suicides is not surprising. That the wives of the men are left behind to raise their children and try and turn it around financially is sad.

This is a bittersweet film. While we watch, and are happy  Sanjivani as she begins to move toward a better life and forms a community, we are still left hurt knowing that there is still along way to go.

Not to put too fine a point on this film kicked my ass. I was left broken by it. The final image of the film has haunted me for the last three weeks since I saw the film. The haunting image of sad resolve has appeared before my eyes numerous times each and every day, despite seeing numerous other films.

I honestly don’t know what to say except that Kinshu Surjan has made a truly great film. Not only is it a great portrait of a woman doing what she has to survive, but it sheds light on a terrible situation I’m certain 99% of the world knows nothing about. If we are lucky this film will get tractions and find the eyes and hearts of the people who can change this terrible situation.

Highly recommended, MARCHING IN THE DARK is a must see.

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