Saturday, April 13, 2024

Intercepted (2023) NDNF 2024

The weight of what we see and hear in INTERCEPTED will crush you. While the film is not graphic in a typical war documentary, the weight of the words will pulverize your soul.

The film is footage of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people after the Russian invasion. We watch as they go through their daily routines in a country at war. Yes, we see the destruction, but also, we see children playing, the people repairing damage, farming, driving. Everything that people do in peaceful time. Over the images we listen to the intercepted cellphone calls that Russian soldiers made to their loved ones. They speak of the terrible things that they have done and experienced in the war. We also listen to them have very human conversations about their lives as well.

The mix of life and death is jarring. At first it kind of seems a clever game, and then the enormity of what we are seeing and hearing begins to hit home and root itself in our souls. The unseen violence begins to carve us up. The sadness that it brings weighs us down. You will become confused as you realized that one group of humans sees another as less.

I did not expect my ass to be kicked this badly.

In an age when we are flooded with films on Ukraine to the point that many blend together, INTERCEPTED stands out and reveals itself to be one of the best films on the war and the tragedy it has brought.


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