Monday, April 29, 2024

So This is Christmas (2024) Hot Docs

Documentary narrative hybrid tells the story of a small Irish town around Christmas.

This is the sort of off kilter film that develops a cult following and lives for ever in the hearts and minds who love off beat films. Most definitely set at Christmas time and containing talk about the holiday, the film looks and feels like something else. The lazy cheat explanation would be to compare it to the work of Wes Anderson, but the truth is that is only superficial, since director Ken Wardrop  gives the film a most decidedly bend that you can only get from having a deep love and passion for things Irish.

Made up of tableaus, voice overs and images of life this film is something one of a kind and delightfully unique.  Its so unique that it took me about a third of the film before I clicked with it. It’s not that there was anything wrong with it, more that Wardrop is doing things his own way and if you fight that the film can’t work it’s magic.

And magic it is. This lovely film is a rye look at the holiday and life in a small town. It’s a film full of the rhythms of an idyllic setting but viewed threw a slightly off window- one that gives everything a glow.

You will forgive me, but there is something special about this film that you need to experience and not read about. My words have failed me.

Do yourself a fovour, just see this little gem of a film

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