Friday, April 12, 2024

Damaged (2024)

When the police in Scotland begin to find bodies that match up with an uncaught serial killer, they call in the cop (Samuel L Jackson) who knows the work of the killer better than anyone.

DAMAGED lost me from the opening minutes. The film opens with a woman going home. She enters her house and does what she does. There is a knock at the door. She goes to the door LOOKS OUT THE PEEP HOLE AND THEN OPENS THE DOOR. At this point a serial killer pushes his way into her house. He is dressed all in black. Has a mask, a hood, a cape. Everything seems to be made of a rain coat like material...and he kills her. WHY DID SHE OPEN THE DOOR? She saw a scary guy out there and she OPENED HER DOOR.


AT that point the film lost me as I knew nothing was going to make sense. And from that point nothing does, as the film shows us things happening at the same time that couldn't be at the same time, we glimpse of the killer behind the mask at one point - except when it's revealed it couldn't be that person.

I was having a running commentary through the film that had be saying "wait what?" every couple of minutes. I then replayed the sequence and found out it didn't match up with what we saw earlier. Didn't anyone realize that this film makes no sense? 

Didn't anyone care?

I don't know if the cast and crew knew that this film is such a turkey. I don't think they did since you can't make a film that is top of the mountain if you know the story is this nonsensical. I say this because the film looks great, the score is wonderful, and the cast is all at the top of their game. If you just watch the film without following the plot it's creepy and tense. This film rocks---until you start to put the pieces together and you realize there is nothing there.

Great cast or no this is not really worth your time.

What a disappointment

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