Thursday, April 18, 2024

Little Empty Boxes (2023)

Director Max Lugavere' takes us on the journey of his mother’s slide into dementia.

Full disclosure at the outset because I know it affected my feelings for the film, I have seen a number of films on dementia. I know the concentration of seeing the films has affected how I see what I see on screen.

LITTLE EMPTY BOXES is a good film. On its own terms it is a good look at how one family handles their matriarch’s slide into dementia. Because the film was put together by one of the family members we get access that is usually lacking in other films. Even if there are moments where the people on screen are seeming to ponder why these moments are being filmed.

Where the film wobbles is when the film tries to go a bit wider than showing what the film tries to go a bit wider with some of the discussion about what may have been behind the dementia. The moments aren’t bad but it feels like some of the discussions should be in a different film with a different focus. It doesn’t kill the film but it makes the film feel like it’s searching for something.

If there is any real problem in my eyes it’s the final text cards which close out what happen to ----. While it lets us know what happened it feels like that’s yet another story.  And to be honest I think it was that summation that made me feel less satisfied about the other threads.

My quibbles aside this is worth a look.

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