Tuesday, April 30, 2024

FRAGMENTS OF A LIFE LOVED (2023) Hot Docs 2024

Director Chloé Barreau creates an autobiography of herself by taking all the footage she shot over the years with all the men and women she loved and intercutting it with interviews done by a third party, allowing her lovers to freely say how they saw her.

This is a film that the vast majority of us would never want to make. How many of us would ever want our exes to tell us what they really feel about us. Do we really want to know what happened from the other side? It's a scary thought but here it works.

Actually what works here is the that Barreau has created a film that while being very specifically about her and her relationships, it is also about all of us. Watching the discussions in the interviews I found that I felt to connected to everyone. Everything that was being said connected back to my life and loves in one way or another. In making a portrait of herself through the eyes and hearts of other people she has made a film about everyone watching.

If you ever pondered how you might be viewed by your exes or how you may have touched the lives of those who have traveled with you for some of your life, this film may provide some answers, and if nothing else it may raise some questions.

I was moved and intrigued. More importantly when it was done I wanted to go again because I had such a good time and  wanted to spend more time with these people. 

What an absolutely great film.


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