Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Omen (2023) New Directors New Films 2024

Young man returns to Africa with his pregnant wife in order to reconnect with his family and his heritage. 

Wonderful cinematic journey is one of the great finds of last year’s Cannes.  I was absolutely delighted by this film which not only showed me a part of life I never knew, but did so in such away that made me want to lean in and know more. What an absolutely amazing visual experiences I’ve seen this year. Mixing the real world with a spiritual one this is a film that walks in the shadows between worlds for an experience that deepens the story of man returning to his old world.

It has been a several days since I saw the film and I am still replaying sections of it in my mind. I desperately want to see the film again, preferably on a big screen, where I can really let the film take me on its trip instead of being distance from the shock and awe of it’s wonders.

You need to see this film, especially if you love films that are unique cinematic visions.

Highly recommended.

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