Saturday, April 6, 2024

Otro Sol (2023) NDNF 2024

Docu-fiction  about two men who investigate the myth of Alberto Cándia, a Chilean international thief who stole theCathedral of Cadiz in Andalusia in the late 1980s.

If you can click with this rambling little film you are going to have a good time. Leisurely paced and wandering off in all over the place, this meditation on the nature of truth, myth and reality has some compelling pieces. I loved the various stories we hear about treasure and the quest to find out about Alberto Cándia. The stories are told in such away that we feel as though we are sitting with the characters and tellers shooting the breeze. Its compelling and a great deal of fun.

At the same time I’m not sure the film really adds up to much. This isn’t to say the film is bad but more to state that the film is uneven. Blame some of the long sequences where nothing happens or no one speaks. For example the film begins with a monologue in the back of truck that ends and we are in the truck as it drives along and this drifts into following people as they walk down the road. “Quiet sequences” punctuate the  film and for me they stop the forward momentum. While I love the discussions I’m not certain about the rest.

While I think the film is uneven, I still think it’s worth seeing. There are some great pieces here. (I’m going to leave the question about which parts of this are real and what parts are made up to you)

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