Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Any Day (2015)

When ANY DAY hit theaters earlier this year it was called by more than one reviewer "one of the worst films of the year". I'm guessing that these people don't get out much nor do they watch many movies because ANY DAY is far from being the worst of anything. It is in fact a pretty good little film.

The plot of the film has Sean Bean's character getting out of jail and trying to put his life straight, He moves into his sisters house and is idolized by his nephew. When tragedy strikes he's rattled to the core.

I am trying to fathom why some people don't like this film and the only two things I can think of is that people aren't used to Sean Bean playing a regular guy where he doesn't die. Nor do I think that they are used to the endless stream of small inde dramas that star great character actors (Bean) and lesser stars (Tom Arnold, Eva Longoria). I see a couple dozen of these every year and by those standards this film is a classic.

This is a nice little movie.  Well made and well acted the film this movie is 90 or so minutes with some good people. If the film doesn't quite make it any where near the best of the year list  so be it. It kept me watching from start to finish which is more than I can say about a couple of other recent films that were sent my way and which will never grace Unseen's pages. (I didn't ask for them so I'm under no obligation to review them)

ANY DAY is a good little film that is best described as a perfect time killer. Outside of a vision that Bean has while in the hospital (it really is a howler and indefensible) this is the sort of film I'd fall into on a Sunday afternoon. Its a film you stumble across while surfing on cable and watch to the end. Its not high art and was never intended to be.  It's a solid little film that will entertain you and then let you move on to something else. I doubt you'll ever watch it more than once but that one time will entertain you which is enough.

ANY DAY hit DVD and various streaming services yesterday.

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