Sunday, August 2, 2015

Nightcap 8/2/15 Richard Lester at Lincoln Center plus Randi's links

Richard Lester in a still linked from the Janus Films website

Richard Lester is an amazing director. Yes he gave up directing after his friend Roy Kinnear was killed shooting THE REVENGE OF THE MUSKETEERS but the body of work he put out altered cinema history for the better.

If one wanted to state how important Lester is to film history all one has to do is say HARD DAYS NIGHT and end it there. If he did nothing else his place in history would be assured. Why? Because the film was so good and so successful it changed not only film and music film but popular culture as well since it made the Beatles even more popular and in the public eye.

However Richard Lester did more than that one film. He did two films that shaped what we thought of the 60’s THE KNACK AND HOW TO GET IT and PETULA. He revitalized and revived the superhero movie with SUPERMAN 2. In its way that film kept the genre alive as other similar films were thudding around it. His Musketeer films brought swashbuckling back to film for a while and reset the table of action films. Meanwhile his films like ROBIN AND MARION and ROYAL FLASH forced us to rethink what heroes are.

Of course there’s more including one of my favorite films THE RITZ among his creations.

Richard Lester matters more than most people realize so it’s great that starting Friday Lincoln Center is doing a retrospective of his films. It’s a must see for anyone who doesn’t really know the man or his movies- or for anyone who wants to see some great films big.

I’m not going to recommend anything in particular because it’s all good. I will tell you that I’m planning on hitting ROYAL FLASH, JUGGERNAUT, The two Beatles films and all three Musketeer films. I need to see them big- my soul is demanding it.

If you are a film lover of any sort you must go see something- or some than one something

For tickets and more information go here.
Just a heads up- my computer died last night- I have a new one but I haven't set it up yet- so if things are delayed or cockeyed over the next couple of days bear with me.
And now Randi's links

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