Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Fantasia 2015 Shorts 2

This is the second of three looks at some of the short films that played at this year's Fantasia Festival.  I'm sorry I couldn't pull this together during the festival but the sheer number of features devoured my mind and my time.  Where the first bunch were all excellent this group are a more mixed. Still there are some winners.

After her husband dies a woman is given a machine that can bring him back for short periods- but there is price...

Good little film plays like an episode of an old horror anthology series like TALES OF THE DARKSIDE.  Its a neat little story but once a certain bit of information is revealed you know where it's going and the remaining part of the film has few surprises. Still it's not bad

A woman has a strange series of events occur that push her to the edge of sanity.

Of all of the films at Fantasia this yea Ihave no idea why this is here, Its strange, funny and utterly pointless.

Man asking "If you had a magic goldfish that grant you wish what would you wish for?" meets a man with a magic goldfish.

Really good film that spring wonderfully to life in the final two thirds after the film flips and goes into a completely unexpected directions. What an absolute joy. I dare not say more less I ruin it.

A father takes his son to visit an old school friend...

Uncomfortable little film has implications of child molestation all over it only to have it turn into something worse. This is a creepy little film that really puts the screws to the audience. Its a perfect little horror machine which will stand and fall in many people's minds due to a weakness in the budgetary department.  There is a point where we see something and it looks like the tech guys could have used a couple more bucks. Still this is a solid little film other wise.

Finding out he has an incurable disease a man plans out his remaining time...

A sweet little film about life. I have nothing more to say other than it's really well done


And this one I'm including because while it is not at Fantasia-it wa sent to me accidentally even though it didn't play

Utterly delightful tale of the joy and complications a tin can brings. One of the few times I will say Chuck Jones would probably have loved this. Pure joy around the world.

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