Saturday, August 1, 2015


Directed by Oscar winner Peter Pau and featuring effects work by WETA this is a Hong Kong special effects film where the CGI creates a glorious other worldly feel. This is a film that creatures a visual world on par with the Lord of the Rings films and possibly exceeds them thanks to a plot that travels across the realms of existence.

I'm going to try and simply explain the plot- recently deceased demon hunter is resurrected by a scholar. He is sent to recover the Dark Crystal from Hell.  Having accomplished this the demon king sends the Snow Girl of the title to get the Crystal back. Complicating matters is a long simmering romance between the demon hunter and Snow Girl.

I don't think I can get simplier than that,since this is grand opera style plottings with everyone having a back story, everyone not being who they seem and more complications that a year of General Hospital. Whether or not you like the multi-layered plot you can't argue that it keeps things moving.

Normally I would bemoan the use of so much computer generated imagery but here it all works. Say what you will it creates a glorious sense of world not our own. We are in a special place, and while there is an occasional slip into the video game realm, it is for the most part expertly handled.

I do have to say that while I will curse at the often low grade visual effects, I do have to admit that as far as spectacular imagery is concerned and the creation of fantastic realms no one out side of Hong Kong, Taiwan and China are doing epics like this. Sure we get the Marvel films or The Lord of The Rings, but they don't have the imagination and sense of universe that the Chinese filmmakers have.Nothing is too big for them to dream,  I may complain about the execution but I can't not complain about their dreams. They put people like George Lucas to shame.

This is an absolute must see on the big screen when it plays at 1220 this afternoon . For tickets and more information go here.

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