Tuesday, August 4, 2015

In brief: BROTHER'S KEEPER (2013)

Hitting DVD today is BROTHER'S KEEPER a faith based tale about two brothers, one of whom is sent to death row for murder.

Kicking around since 2013 and only now receiving a theatrical and DVD release BROTHER'S KEEPER is a well acted and moderately interesting. Its a good but minor film that is best for those who like some of the Lifetime or Hallmark Channel films with a heavy dose of faith based lessons.

To be fair to the film, which is enjoyable, the  problem with the film is that it's much too long at 120 minutes. Cramming in the story of the twin brother, the corruption in the town and lectures on how we much forgive those who sin against us in order to be redeemed there is just too much going on. Things feel unfocused and some stuff seems to be there either to keep the plot moving or to fill time.

As I said it's not a bad film, but I'd either wait for cable or for this to hit a streaming service where you pay per month rather than per view.

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