Friday, August 21, 2015

THE QUAY BROTHERS IN 35MM is coming to a theater near you- plus a new film by Chrsitopher Nolan

An 11 city tour of three films by the Quay Brothers is coming to your town along with the new film on the Quays by Christopher Nolan. All of the films will be screened in 35mm.

The tour began Wednesday at New York's Film Forum. The Quays are appearing at some stops. They have one more day in NYC and if you can get to the screening you really should (Details on that can be found here). Actually if you've never seen a film by the Quays you need to go because their films will take place you never knew existed. I'm a huge fan and I speak from experience.

After finishing up in New York the program will travel to 10 additional cities, including Dallas (Alamo Drafthouse Richardson, 9/3-7), LA (Cinefamily, 9/4-10 with appearances by Nolan), Houston (Museum of Fine Arts, 9/12-13), Austin (Alamo Drafthouse Ritz, 9/17), Cleveland (Cleveland Cinematheque, 9/24-27), Boston (Brattle Theatre, 9/25-10/1), Detroit (Detroit Institute of Art, 10/9-11), Seattle (SIFF Film Center, 10/9-15), Chicago (The Music Box Theatre, 10/16-22) and Toronto (TIFF Bell Lightbox Theater, 10/27).

A Blu-ray from Zeitgeist Films hits October 20th and it includes three films not on the DVD release including THROUGH THE WEEPING GLASS on the Mutter Museum which was only available on a stand alone DVD from the Museum itself.

I have seen the collection of Quay films (Its great- trust me)  but I have not seen the Nolan film yet but I here it's pretty good.(Warning it's only 8 minutes long)

Go see the collection.

I should also point out that earlier today I got to sit down and talk with the Quays for a bit. I had a blast. Its rare that you get to meet cinematic heroes and even rarer when they turn out to be cooler than you can imagine.

Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart.

In the unlikely event I can can get the interview transcribed this weekend it will go up then- otherwise I've been asked to run the piece in October when the Blu-ray comes out. (I'm guessing that's when you'll see it.)

Until then go find a city near you and go see the films on the big screen in the dark.

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