Tuesday, May 3, 2016

In Brief: Restoration (2016)

RESTORATION surprised the hell out of me. Running through a series of weak horror films I stumbled upon the film and only put it on  because the poster art caught my eye. Sometimes the poster is the way to choose a movie.

The film has a couple moving into a new home and finding a diary in the walls of their new home. The discovery unleashes all sorts of trouble as an evil is released.

I've been intentionally obtuse. The reason is not for you but for me, since if I wasn't that obtuse I'd be writing a review that reveals all and that is not the way to go. The way to go is to hit the ground running and just let the film wash over you.

To be honest this isn't the greatest horror film ever to come down the pike. On the other hand it's way better that a good number of horror films I've run across recently. There have been more than a few that looked good but had no mood and no sense of dread. RESTORATION has mood and a frequently sparkling sense of dread. Something is wrong and it's a bit before you can put your finger on it. Best of all the film has some nice moments that are properly chilly.

If the film at times seems to be treading familiar ground it still manages to keep you watching and best of all mumbling at the screen something about being disturbed.


Restoration releases digitally today and DVD on 7/5.

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