Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Goran Markovic and Tihana Lazovic play three sets of perspective lovers in three love stories each set ten years after each other.

In the first set in 1991 an idyllic afternoon by a lake is interrupted by the arrival of armed soldiers and war.

In 2001 the war is done. A family returns to their devastated home and a young woman and a repair man from the other side dance around each other.

In 2011 a young man tries to fix things between himself and a young girl he wronged.

The course of the stories is the descent into darkness and the slow crawl out- maybe. Its all an examination of how or past shapes or future. The film gives us much to consider and seriously think about.

The look of the three stories are very similar. The lines blur between them. I know that it was intentional on the part of director Dalibor Matanić,since the characters could very well have been any of the characters if only there hadn't been warfare and distrust. (So just be careful if you leave the theater someone I saw this with picked the wrong time to go and was confused when the stories changed)

Beautifully acted performances help create the three moving tales. The characters are so well drawn that you have the sense that this was more than made up but drawn from life. The performances suck you in. You know that in some of the films things are not going to go well, but you go along because the characters are so well drawn that you kid yourself into thinking maybe some of what happen won't be be bad.

This is a must see film. And if you're in New York you have two shots at the film over the next two weeks and I suggest you make an effort to see it.

The film plays Saturday at the Bosnian Herzegovinian Film Festival on Saturday. For tickets go here.

It also plays as part of the Human Rights Watch FIlm Festival in New York on une 12th. For tickets go here.

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