Saturday, May 14, 2016

In Brief: Late Thaw (2016) Cannes 2016

Kim Barr's shirt film is impossible to discuss unless you see it. What the film is isn't revealed for a chunk of the way into the film and if I tell you what it's about it will play very differently than if you make the discovery on your own.  I say this because I watched the film blind and had I read the promotional material, which effectively gave the whole plot away I would have reacted very differently

What I can say is the film involves love and loss and a new home. It is not a horror film but a love story. That's all I'll say.

A beautifully acted film with a haunting visual palate the film is a stunner in it's quiet power. I've been starting to watch short films again, and while there have been many that I've seen and enjoyed, this is one of the few that I think is worth trying to track down.

And if you do run across the film, do try and steer clear of the synopsis since the write up I've seen gives so much away it makes seeing the film redundant- which is not the way to go with this film. This is one to see and not read about.

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