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Nightcap 5/22/16 Thoughts on New York Comic Con's Changes, NCIS Blows the Season's Endings and Randi's Links

NY Comic Con announced new protocols to buy tickets. There are now no VIP tickets. There are no retail tickets. And you have to register to have the opportunity to buy the tickets.

The move is being done to stop scalping and brokers from buying up all of the tickets.

The reaction to the move has been mixed.

Many have applauded the move saying that perhaps now they will be able to get a ticket, while other people have bemoaned the need to make plans six months in advance for an event where you’ll have no idea what the programming will be. What will happen if there is nothing I want to see? Additionally people have said what if their plans change I the six months? What if they have to work? Once you buy a ticket you can’t transfer it. (Personally they should have a transfer method)

I have put in for a press pass but I haven’t heard back and I have registered to buy a ticket as a back-up. I fully am aware that what if Reed Pop reads this they may deny my press pass, but that’s their choice as is my need to speak my mind.

As that last statement infers I have questions about what Reed Pop is doing. I like what they are doing in theory but I’m not sure they are going about it the right way.

First in all the years of New York Comic Con I have only run across people who have dealt with brokers a handful of times. I say this as someone who has been to all but the first con. I’ve talked with thousands of people, and almost everyone either bought their ticket on line or at a store. Maybe four or five people said they had some dealing with a broker.

As for scalpers- yup- they are all around the Javitts Center. They are buying passes as people go home. Do they have them to start? Not that I know of. As for bootleg ones I haven’t see them since they put the chips into the passes.

I think this is going to eliminate resale.

Though if Reed Pop really wanted to stop scalping/brokers and resale that thy don't control all thy need do is put everyone's photo on the badge- problem solved.

My real question is with all the moves on line will the Reed Pop ticketing system be able handle it?

This is a serious question since last year I was hung up for hours and didn’t get a ticket. The system kept crashing and I kept getting kicked out and having to start over again. It was awful. By the time I could by tickets would have had to buy single days. Since I had the press pass I let it go. But I wanted to get passes for other Unseen Films people who missed the press deadlines.

With the increased volume will the system still work or will it all melt down?

I don't know but I hope its all sorted out

On the upside I do have applaud Reed Pop for making the Fan Registration easy and not, as many had feared, a means of data mining. All they asked for is name, email, cell phone number (to send you a code to log in) and what you were looking forward to.  If this is any indication os what buy tickets will be like I'll be thrilled

Of course this is New York Comic Con which means no matter what I think is going to happen- something completely different will happen

And now to my little slice of TV hell and my time to bitch about the few shows I actually watch-

I have become hooked on all of the NCIS shows. I watch them new and the repeats with my dad. I think the plan now is to watch the repeats until we’re sure we’ve seen them all.

On Tuesdays we watch the new episodes- so of course the last three weeks we’ve been there watching the run up o the exit of Tony DiNozzo.

That was fine until the final episode.

What a disaster. Its so bad I’m still pissed.

Essentially what happened was they had all this sound and fury signifying nothing by chasing a terrorist, who wasn’t, but who was being used by CIA psycho Trent Cort, who was up to no good. I’m still not sure what- something to do with files from Israel and atomic something- it makes no sense. More so when Ziva who has been gone for a couple of seasons is killed-off screen- for purely emotional manipulation. Of course Tony is rocked- more so when he discovers Ziva and he had a daughter. Tony then leaves to raise his daughter.

Its not what happened that bothers me its how and why.

We have a plot that ultimately makes no sense and exists purely to give Tony a reason to leave. What is Trent Cort doing? I have no idea. Why did they kill off Ziva? Beats the shit out of me. It was out of left field and worse out it was out of character. No effort was made to explain what happened. Cort paid someone to burn down the house she was in…why? What happened? How could Ziva get caught unaware? Worse where was her daughter and how did she get out? No explanation that I saw. Or no good explanation-since everything was geared to simply moving tony out and the whole family taking revenge for the death of one of their own.

I have no problem with what happened but the lack of real plotting and the desire to thin the extended cast made this one of the least episodes of the series and made me want to give up the series.

It was crap.

Also crap was the arc on NCIS: New Orleans that ended the season.

How could Pride and group not have seen who the bad guy was? Worse- how could Homeland Security not have caught on.

It’s the plotting of a ten year old- super villain in the midst of the heroes who manipulates things so ultra-perfectly as to be unbelievable. His plots don’t make a lick of sense- even by way out TV standards.

It wasn’t as awful as the death of Ziva, largely because it was a mess for the last three weeks (trust me every episode had me going- well how is going to explain that?) but it was still a mess.

All I can say is thank god its all reruns so I don’t have to be annoyed until the fall
And now Randi's Links

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