Monday, May 2, 2016

The Best of It (2016)

Portrait of a number of sports gamblers in and around Las Vegas who make a living betting on games.

Good documentary is not for all audiences.  How you react to the film will depend upon how interested you are in sports gambling and how well you understand what they are doing. I have no interest in sports gambling and all of the talk of the actual gambling made my eyes glaze over.

On the other hand the interaction between the gamblers is the reason to at least try this film. The battle between Boston and Shrink is the heart of the film and it's conclusion is unexpected to say the least. Its the interaction between the guys, even if it's warring in their own interviews that gives the film momentum.

You will forgive my lack of detailed discussion on the film but this is a film one either cares for or doesn't. There is very little ground beyond that. I can't make up some magical thing that is going to make you want to see the film if the subject doesn't appeal to you, this isn't a film that transcends its subject not over comes its one flaw being at least a half an hour too long.

If the subject interests you give it a shot, otherwise give it a wide berth.

THE BEST OF IT hit VOD on Tuesday May 3

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