Sunday, May 1, 2016

Steve's take on Hunt for the WIlderpeople (2015) Tribeca 2016

Wilderpeople is one of the best films to play Tribeca and one of the best of the year. A completely unexpected joy this film delighted everyone at the pre-festival screenings and was the measuring stick by which everyone rated every film they saw (It is now the second highest grossing film in the history of New Zealand)

The story begins when Ricky Baker is brought into the country to live with Aunt Bella and Hec. They are going to be his foster parents. Ricky is warned that if this doesn’t work he’s going to juvie (aka prison) because he is just too troubled to be anywhere else. Despite trying to runaway Bella takes him into her heart while Hec just grumbles. When Bella unexpectedly dies child services decides to take Ricky back. Hec is to heartbroken to fight. Ricky runs away, thinking he’s staging his own death but instead burning down the barn. Hec eventually finds Ricky in the wilderness and but trips breaking his foot necessitating a several week stay in the woods until it can heal. Things however become complicated since the child services woman think something horrible has gone on and sets a huge manhunt in motion. Soon Hec and Ricky are fugitives on the run.

Warm witty and laugh out loud funny Wilderpeople is an absolute joy. The write-up at the Tribeca website made it sound dour and serious when it is a film that will make you smile from ear to ear.

Everything works. There is absolutely nothing wrong with anything in this film. The best thing is the chemistry between Sam Neil and Julian Dennison who make a perfect on screen pair. You feel the love and respect between them and it seems absolutely real. One can imagine the two of them busting each other’s chops off screen.

This film is truly great. As I watched it all did beyond enjoy it was make a list of all the people I had to force to see the film.

You must see this film- it just kicks ass.

And if there is any justice this will be a huge hit and win tons of awards.

WILDER PEOPLE hits US theaters this summer

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