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Nightcap 5/29/16 Open Roads starts this week, Israel FIlm Center Fest starts this week, The NY Shorts Festival starts this week, DREAM DANGEROUSLY release info, there is going to be limited NY Comic Con Coverage this year, Randi's links

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Starting Thursday and running for six days Open Roads, Lincoln Center’s annual look at Italian film is always an absolute delight.

I have seen any number of films that have become old favorites over the years thanks to the excellent programming of the people involved with this festival. Where some series are tied to a studio or are programmed with people with an ulterior motive, Open Roads is programmed with the idea of delighting it’s audience in mind, which is something that it almost always succeeds in doing.

The simplest advice to attending Open Roads is look at the film list and schedule, pick out what interests you and then see every film they program because as I find every year it’s the films I didn’t plan on seeing that delight me most. Not that the ones I wanted to see are bad, rather the others catch me unaware and so hit me without expectations.

Now while I usually wade in and see most of the films at Open Roads, this year I couldn’t do it. Somethings are going on in the real world that prevented me from wading in past my ankles. As of right now I’ve got a couple of reviews set to go, this week I’m still working on getting you a few more.

For now know that if you have any free time over the next week or so you really need to get down to Lincoln Center and partake in a feast of wonderful Italian cinematic delights,

For more information and tickets go here.
Also next weekend are a couple of more film festivals. I’m not saying that in a flippant manner, rather its to point out that the film year here in New York is heating up

The 4th Annual Israel Film Center Festival is running at JCC Manhattan starting Thursday. It’s a great selection of film and TV programs that I really wanted to cover, but because of the way thing have fallen there just isn’t enough time. If you can go do so there looks to be more than a few great films. For more details and tickets go here.

The New York Shorts Festival has come around again and it runs Tuesday to Thursday at Sunshine Landmarl. If you love shorts this is the place to go. Every year I swear I’m going to cover it and every year I mess up and miss it. This year is no exception. This is a festival that any serious film lover should be attending as the death threats from several acquaintances can attest to. I suspect that a couple have put a hit out on me. Don’t join the hit list go get tickets. For more details go here.

Or those wanting to see Patrick Meaney’s great film NEIL GAIMAN DREAM DANGEROUSLY (my review is here and my interview with Mr Meaney is here), it is being released on Vimeo on July 8. The cost is 12.99. For details and to pre order click on the pre-order button above

And even if you are not a Gaiman fan you’ll want to see it, not just because our own Randi Mason is in the film, but also because it’s a truly great film.

For those playing the home game- I will not be covering New York Comic Con as a member of the official press. I have not been given a badge.

That’s fine, I can avoid the crowds which are pretty much out of control.

I will be trying to get a regular badge, but if I don’t get one no loss. I say that because the freaking thing is just too damn crowded- and last year they had very little film related. Unseen is a film site and while we dive into other areas that’s more on a whim or because we can shoe horn it in.

To be honest I think the reason I didn’t get the badge is I’ve been cranky about them. I also raised questions last weekend about the new way of selling tickets. I suspect I’m being punished. Punishing me is not going to change the fact that I see problems on the horizon, if nothing else it will make me bitch louder if I see something wrong.
And now Randi's links

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