Sunday, December 29, 2019

FIlm Finds of 2019

Every year there are discoveries. Every year we find films we never expected to and while they aren't the best, they are still gems that need to be noted at the end of the year. Most f these are a hair's breath from being on the best  of the year list.

PATRICK- the pug that is the central character of this film is utterly charming and I want to adopt him..

HOLY GHOST FIRE-This film record of Randy Wolford’s final service is deeply disturbing- its literally the final service of a Pentecostal minister who is bitten by a snake and slowly dies on screen while the congregation prays... it will challenge what you think about belief.

SLIP ROAD wonderful short film about a man who goes into the forest to make a deal with a being...and I want to know more- so will you.

GHOST LIGHT- awesome horror comedy about a theater company running into supernatural problems. A great cast has a great time and so do we in the audience.

HAPPY FACE - a story about finding a family in unexpected places is an absolute delight that I have been pushing all year.

DOLLHOUSE: THE ERADICATION OF FEMALE SUBJECTIVITY FROM AMERICAN POPULAR CULTURE - it may not be the best film of the year but this film will challenge your notions of gender and misogyny in society.

WHY MUST THE SUN SET? - The best Dave McKean/ Neil Gaiman story they never told

NIGHTS BEFORE CHRISTMAS- I would have sworn that we never needed a crazy Santa film-then I saw this film.

GOLDA- incredible portrait of Golda Meier based on a long hidden interview that will change how you see her.

HEALING FROM HATE- Excellent look at former white supremacists trying to help people change and get out of the movement.

MISEDUCATION OF BINDU- unexpected coming of age film is one of a kind as the filmmakers decided to tell their story and as a result it is a joy for everyone

LEO DAVINCI- a great animated film that came out of nowhere. Its well written and great fun.

MONSTERS- three men break into a house in Morocco to rob it- or not. What is really going on is the film and it rocks the house in unexpected ways.

ASSAULT ON THE PAY TRAIN- Brazilian crime drama from the 1960's follows what happens after the robbery happens. Why isn't  this on more people's radar and why isn't it hailed as a classic of world cinema?

FULL DRESS- awesome thriller that is impossible to describe because to do so will require I tell you what its about and I can't because the ride is blast.

SEE YOU YESTERDAY- Spike Lee produced time travel film is one of the best ever in the genre because it truly deals with issues regarding messing with time.

ATLANTICS- One of a kind film concerns lost love and ghosts and it's magical

CROWN VIC- forget the fact that all the events could never take place in one night and you'll love this police drama

IN BRIGHT AXIOM- documentary about a social experiment/game  that is a hell of a ride.

IN THE ABSENCE- soul crushing documentary short about the sinking of  Korean ferry made up of phone calls, texts and video. It will probably win the Oscar.

FORD VS FERRARI- Best big Hollywood film I saw this year

SHOOTING THE MAFIA- the history of the mafia and the efforts to stop it as seen through the work and life of one photo-journalist

LIFELINE- portrait of artist Clyfford Still will alter how you see art

RAUL TABURIN - small scale gem about a bicycle builder who can't ride a bike. Utterly charming.

SKID ROW MARATHON- wonderful portrait of running club for men and women in shelters that  builds their self esteem and helps them change their lives.

THE DOG DOC  - glorious portrait of a veterinarian in upstate New York who never gives up on an animal.

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