Sunday, December 22, 2019

She's Missing is currently in theaters an on VOD

Alexandra McGuinness' SHE'S MISSING is not quite what the trailer makes it out to be...and it doesn't go in the direction that I thought the first ten or fifteen minutes indicated it was going to travel.  Honestly I am perfectly happy with that because the result is a film that surprises at every turn.

I am intentionally going to be vague about the plot because I don't want to clue you in to what it is and where it is going. The film is nominally the story of two women who are best friends. When one of them disappears, and it appears it maybe related to a spate of similar disappearances, the remaining friend goes off to find her.

A slow burn thriller that takes its time setting mood and building characters, this is a film you have to be willing to work with for a little bit of the run time. It is not structured like a typical thriller, Indeed while it uses thriller tropes, it also has other things on it's mind such as notions of friendship and life in backwater towns. McGuinness isn't making a film that is just there for the thrills but she has ideas she wants to discuss with us and the result is a film that is deeper than most edge of your seat tales.

I am not going to say much more other than this is a great looking wonderfully acted film. Beyond that there isn't much to say, not because I don't have more to say but more that I would rather you take the time and see the film. Its a hell of a cinematic journey and worth your time

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