Saturday, December 21, 2019

Paris Window

Paris Window is an off kilter inde film that is going to thrill some people and make others shake their head and walk away. It’s not that that there is anything wrong with the story, more that the presentation is so mannered that not it is not going to click with it.

The film concerns a brother and sister who live in a close hermetically controlled apartment. When a TV hostess begins changing how they see the world they begin to interact with the outside world upsetting the balance between the siblings.

Shot in a very deliberate manner so as to be claustrophobic (and I am guessing partly the result of necessity since the film seems to always be shot from the same side of the apartment) and containing mannered performances and structure this is not your typical drama. These are the sort of people we only meet in deliberate inde films. The result is both intriguing and off putting because the manners keep us at arm’s length to events. We are aware of the director controlling everything. This is going to thill those of you who love to disappear into a director’s vision but it’s going to bother those who want a drama that looks and moves like a typical film. Typical it is not.

Personally I’m mixed on the film. While I was solidly with it for about a third of the running time I began to drift off about a half an hour in. While I was interested in how it was all going to play out, I grew weary of the mannered telling. The deep meaningful glances and deliberate constructions stopped working after a while. While I like the film I think that I probably would have loved a short version of the film.

Decidedly not for all audiences Paris Window has enough going for it (some of its wordless music driven sequences are stunning) is worth a look for adventurous film goers-especially when you consider that it is available on Amazon Prime.

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