Sunday, October 8, 2017

Richard Turner and Luke Korem at New York Comic Con 2017 - a preview of coming attractions

On Thursday I went to New York Comic Con to see Richard Turner and Luke Korem talk about their film DEALT about Mr Turner.  Turner is a blind magician who does all sorts of amazing things with cards and Mr Korem has done a documentary about him.

I arrived late because of the crowds and arrived at the panel just in time to see one last card trick. I was blown away.

A short time later I went over to the IFC Films table and spoke, briefly with both Mr Turner and Mr Korem and had a grand old time. I only spoke with them for about five minutes bt it was clear that I had to do an interview with them, so after getting a signed poster I headed off  making notes to be sure to arrange an interview. Five minutes with the master and I was stammering like a kid so I can't wait to do a sit down.

Ladies and gentlemen you need to see DEALT when it opens and hits VOD on October 20th.  Based on what I've seen of Richard Turner in action it's a must see. Must see was also what Ariela told me Thursday night after she saw the film (her review is coming) and a special performance by Mr Turner for writers. She was simply blown away.

Lots of coverage of the film is coming so keep reading.
Richard Turner and Luke Korem pose for an awe struck fan

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