Saturday, October 28, 2017

The Portland Film Festival starts Monday

The Portland Film Festival kicks serious ass. While nowhere near as long lived as say something like the New York Film Festival , it has managed to become one of the best discoverers of hidden gems in the world. The films they show rock and even if you don’t like them you at least know why they chose to show them.

I started cover the festival three or four years ago and from the first taste I was hooked. The selection of films that I encountered just knocked my socks off… and every year they have done it again and again.

I don’t have a lot to say beyond that other than if you are near Portland and you love films you MUST go. It’s just an awesome festival that needs to be experienced.

I’m going to have coverage of a bunch of films through the festival a mix of capsules and fill on reviews, so keep checking back.

However if you need a cheat sheet as to what to see here are some suggestions:

First off here are some links to the films that we’ve already reviewed at other festivals. They are all good so go buy tickets and go.

D-LOVE (This is one of the most surprising and unexpectedly great films of 2017)
LIYANA (This is one of 2017's Best of the Best films-its an absolute must see)

As for the films with reviews yet to come in the next few days might I recommend:

SECRET SANTA- a surprisingly good horror comedy about an family gathering gone horribly wrong.

WHEN THEY AWAKE- if you liked RUMBLE about Native Americans in rock and roll, you'll want to see this look at the newest bunch of performers.

ZILLA AND ZOE is a potential family classic in the making that doesn't do things in typical Hollywood fashion.

FAKE BLOOD- mind warping documentary about two filmmakers begin a discussion of the effects of on screen violence and end up in fear for their lives when they dig up a real crime

OUT OF STATE- A look at three native Hawaiians who have been sent to a prison in Arizona where they turn to learning their cultural ways as a way of staying out of trouble. A great film and a perfect closing night one.

All the festival information can be found here.

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