Tuesday, January 30, 2018

American Experimental Animation in the '70s & '80s plays at the at the Quad this weekend

The Quad Cinemas in Manhattan is running five sections of animated shorts of an experimental nature Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Curated by Herb Shellenberger the series dwells largely in the off the beaten path sort of animation. If you have a willingness to try things which really are experimental I highly recommend the whole series, if you are less inclined for the odd then I recommend THE UNDERGROUND CARTOONS Saturday and BODYMANIA on Sunday.

I've seen  a number of the shorts screening an in order to help you make a decision as to which section to see I'm going to give a quick over view of the various sections

One of the more experimental of the group with some films barely meeting the definition of animation with something like THE POP SHOW being  rapid fire images that send up celebrity and commercials while the Rolling Stones Satisfaction plays off and on. The section is a kind of introduction with many of the films coming from the 1960 when the filmmakers were beginning to learn a language new to everyone

Melding the experimental with the avant-garde. This is a very experimental collection where the animators manipulate image and the structure of everything for effect.  Its the sort of thing that is not going to be for all tastes as seen in films like ZIP-TONE-CAT-TUNE which has a cat playing behind and animated grid. Shortest of the  collections this maybe the toughest sell.

Easiest of the collections to connect to since almost all of the films are close to traditional animated cartoons. This is the must see of the bunch if only for Sally Cruikshank's masterpiece QUASI AT THE QUACKADERO which for decades was the height of cartoon trippiness. Drugs are not needed for this gem.  If that wasn't enough the collection has the visually amazing ACADEMY LEADER VARIATIONS  which is animated versions of the 10 second countdown, CURIOUS ALICE a US Department of Mental Health film where Alice goes down the rabbit hole and comes in contact with various controlled substances and PUTTING ON THE FUR which imagines the soundtrack of a Tom and Jerry cartoon with new animation.

A collection of introspective animation. These are very personal films running the gamut of SELF PORTRAIT by Maria Lassnig looking at herself  or GOING HOME SKETCHBOOK or WHALE SONGS which appear to be looks at how certain things resonate for the animator

BODYMANIA - Sunday at 3
Body parts on parade run the gamut from penises in THE CLUB, a head in THE HEAD to weird sex in FLESH FLOWS. There is some really cool and really trippy films here, including the legendary ASPARAGUS which was paired with David Lynch's ERASERHEAD  during its midnight movie run. If you've never seen it then  this collection is a must see.

For tickets and more information go here.

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