Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Troubled Troubadour (2016) Slamdance 2018

It begins with a musician traveling along a railway in a canoe on wheels encountering some children who think he is a mountain god and it goes into unexpected places from there.

Absolutely charming film derives it's power from a wonderful lyric tone and a continuous drive to surprise the audience is magical and unforeseen ways. This is both a straight forward tale and something more. Part tale of a musician the film shifts gear into some other, something greater as we see who everyone is.

Beautifully shot this film makes we want to find the location and take a trip down the same railway-though with a slightly different outcome.

The film also posses a wonderful music track that instantly sets the mood and draws us in. All films should handle the use of music this brilliantly.

I am not going to say any more since this is much too wonderful a film to spoil by my prattling on. Additionally this film is just small enough that it could potentially be ruined by my discussing it. My advice go and discover this gem on your own.

This is a film that makes a clear how many gems are being missed by those who refuse to watch shorts.

THE TROUBLED TROUBADOUR screens at Slamdance next @ Gallery Wednesday, January 24th at 3:15pm

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