Tuesday, January 9, 2018

New York Jewish Film Festival 2018: THE LAST GOLDFISH and THE PRINCE & THE DYBBUK

Filmmaker Su Goldfish recounts he life story and her attempt to unravel the story of her father's past as well as her families hidden history.

Born to older parents in the years following the Second World War  in Trinidad. Goldfish really never had any notion of what her background was thanks to parents who told her stories and kept a good part of their pasts hidden. Goldfish had to work to get any real information from her father and even then had to piece things together on her own.

This is a good film about the stories are parents tell us and the secrets that they try to keep hidden

Portrait of Michał Waszyński who directed the classic film The Dybbuk takes the form of a kind of quest working backwards from his burial place with a wealthy Italian family and then works  to try and sort out who he really was.

Intriguing and mannered film is an interesting look at well known filmmaker who no one really seemed to know. Slow building the film takes it's time to get it's footing,but by the time it does it will have taken you in it's grasp.

Definitely worth a look for anyone with an interest in classic cinema.

(THE PRINCE & THE DYBBUK plays with the good short THE HUNGER ARTIST)

Both films play tomorrow at the Walter Reade theater as part of the New York Jewish FIlm Festival. For more information and tickets go here.

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