Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Road Movie (2017)

Full disclosure at the start- I am a huge fan of  Russian and Eastern European dash cam videos. My reaction to the film must gauged by the fact that I've seen a good number of these videos as stand alones and as part of  amateur compilations of  the various footage.

70 minute long compilation of Russian dash-cam videos will either delight you or bore you to tears.
Made up of some bone crushing, WTF videos which have been stitched together to form a kind of an hour long POV road trip. Frequently mind bending this film is guaranteed to make you spill you popcorn all over the place since viewing it becomes a trip you can't escape from.

And if you have the option,  the biggest screen possible is the absolute way to go since it puts you in the car making the impacts all the more jarring because you can't look away and you never know what is going to happen next.

However as much as I like the film, and I do like the film, it never quite builds up a full head of steam thanks to uneven editing. While there are things that will amaze and take your breath away (driving through a forest fire or watching the roof of a building go sailing to name a few) the pacing is never consistent or expected. Rapid cuts of crashes will be capped with a crash and the long take of people stopping to help  follows it. Any rhythm is lost by the seeming random inclusion of a full video for no real reason.

On the other hand the fact that you never know wat is going to happen next keeps you interested. Also seeing this on a movie screen makes this a kind of "you are there" experience that transcends it's You Tube origin.

Recommended and a must see on the big screen.

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