Thursday, January 11, 2018


Misanthropic psychologist Elia's life is a mess. He falls asleep on his patients, his wife is getting fed up ad things just don't seem right. When a health scare send him to the gym he ends up working with personal trainer Claudia a flighty young woman with her own problems. Forced by fate to work together the pair slowly begin to repair their own lives.

Charming and increasingly funny film is just what the doctor ordered. A mix of situational comedy and a bit of slapstick the film has something for everyone, especially if you like to laugh. Initally I was not particularly impressed with the film, smiling more than I was laughing, but once the ELia meets Claudia and the characters are allowed to run free and grow I rapidly warmd to them and the film with the result that my smiles turned to belly laughs.

Absolutely enjoyable and worth your time.

This film plays Saturday at the New York Jewish Film Festival. For more information and tickets go here

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