Monday, January 15, 2018

From the Vault: Postwar Brit Noir plays at the Quad January 29 - February 1

In this new ongoing series the Quad unearths underseen gems from the Cohen Film Collection's archive. For this inaugural edition, we're pleased to present four darkly tinted Brit Noirs from the postwar era

Cast a Dark Shadow
Lewis Gilbert, 1955, UK, 82m, DCP
In this taut thriller, Dirk Bogarde plays a schemer who uses his charm to wed an older wealthy woman, then stages her death to look accidental and seeks out another victim.

Dancing with Crime
John Paddy Carstairs, 1947, UK, 83m, DCP
After his war buddy is killed by black marketers, Richard Attenborough sets about bringing them to justice, sending fiancée Sheila Sim undercover at the dance hall from which they operate.

Val Guest, 1962, UK, 107m, DCP
An absorbing and entertaining murder mystery following Brighton policeman Jack Warner who pursues the murderer of a woman whose body is discovered in a lonely beach house.

Wanted For Murder
(aka A Voice in the Night)
Lawrence Huntington, 1946, UK, 103m, DCP
Respectable businessman Eric Portman acts out his obsession with his hangman father by picking up and strangling shopgirls—until the prospect of marriage gives him hope that he can overcome his serial killing ways.

The Cohen Film Collection (formerly The Rohauer Library) is a world-renowned archive of rare movie classics consisting of over 700 features and shorts that span 75 years of cinema. This treasure trove was amassed by Raymond Rohauer (1924–1987), the film curator of the Huntington Hartford Gallery of Modern Art in New York, who devoted his life to collecting these distinguished films. This unique library was acquired by Charles S. Cohen in 2011, and is now undergoing systematic preservation and restoration to make it possible for these films to be available to today's filmgoers. The Cohen Film Collection continues to augment its library through the acquisition of classic art cinema from around the globe, ensuring that this varied collection will grow and expand for years to come.

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