Monday, February 5, 2018

Alienist Episode 3-(potential spoilers)

Taking the ever so slight breather, the third Episode is the first one that kind of feels like a typical TV episode in its positioning of commercial breaks. It is as if the filmmakers were suddenly aware at how much they were throwing at everyone and decided to slow a wee bit. While that may sound bad it isn’t since the episode fills the time by filling in some of the backstories of some of the characters by allowing us to see some of their lives. Dakota Fanning’s Sara Howard goes to a Vassar reunion, John Moore deals with efforts by his mother to get him married and we get a glimpse of the relationship between Kreizler and Mary. Some is revealed but much more is hinted at. We also get a terrifying look into everyone’s soul as Kreizler attempts to understand the darkness has unexpected collateral damage

Without revealing too much the battle lines between Kreizler and his team and the police are further deeply defined. If there was any question about who is on whose side this episode clears it up- They are pretty much all alone in a city that wants them to go away. We still don’t know what happened to Moore in the brothel at the end of episode 2 but it could have dire consequences down the road. And just as we get a glimpse of the killer we also get another murder that changes the game.

Another stunning episode and that has me wanting to see what happens next.

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