Monday, February 19, 2018


When the episode ends we are at the half way pint in the series -and things appear to be going into over drive as we get a sense of who the killer is and realize they are very close to another potential killing....

I won't go into details but I will reveal a few tidbits- there is a nice moment between Mr Moore and Miss Howard, Kreizler begins to realize that he has to make a change or the investigation will be doomed, Moore and Kreizler take a trip to a prison to see an inmate in a sequence that one ups any visit to Hannibal Lecter and Roosevelt is forced to do something.

Its another excellent episode to the series...

...and one that as made something very clear - the series is better together without commercials and chained together. I say this  because I am watching the series ahead of you, as TNT sends me the episodes.  What this means is that  I saw the first two episode together, then the third episode alone and lastly the fourth and fifth episodes together. I found that I loved the first two episodes whic I reviewed together, liked the third, liked the fourth  as I watched and reviewed it but then found I loved it after I immediately watched the fifth episode and found tat the cinematic construction of the plotting smoothed everything out.

Yes you should be watching this series but if you can binge the series, preferably without commercials you are going to like it even more.

Say what you will about the individual episodes- as a series this series truly is gangbusters

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