Sunday, February 4, 2018

The Oxford Film Festival starts this week

The Oxford Film Festival starts Wednesday and the world is better for it.

I love the festival deeply.  I love the films they show. I love the vibe it has and mostly I love the people involved. Never have I had such a wonderful time talking with festival organizers. They clearly love their festival and they are always asking what they can do so I can have a better time. They also chastise me well in advance of the festival to make sure that I will be covering the festival as if they were my best friend in the whole world. The people  make this festival really what a good festival should be about the people over the movies.

Simply put this festival rocks and you must go.

And of course there are films- and the programmers at Oxford are some of the best. You don't need me to point out good stuff- simply buy a ticket and go. As this posts I've only seen a a small number of films but they are choice:

LIYANA (This is one of  my very best films of 2017)
THE LAST MOVIE STAR (formerly Dog Years) (this has an Oscar worthy performance by Burt Reynolds)

More reviews are coming so keep reading.

Tickets and more information on the festival can be found here.

Do yourself a favor buy some tickets and go.

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