Monday, February 26, 2018


As we go into the home stretch things heat up and end with one hell of a closing shot.

I am going to be brief and try not to spoil anything but the episode has the team using Stevie as bait to try and lure the killer  out of hiding on what they think should be the next day that he will strike. However as they put their plan into operation things begin to spin out with several unexpected turns.

This is a good episode that deftly balances the central mystery with the personal lives of the everyone. We get more information of the good doctor and witness some great moments between the characters which then pay off in unexpected ways later one.

Personally I'm loving the series and I'm jonesing to get to see how it all comes out - despite knowing how it all comes out having read the book. I can't wait to get the chance to binge the whole series so I can get lost in the story once again.

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