Monday, September 17, 2018

Ariela briefly discusses Ben is Back (2018) Toronto 2018

Julia Roberts should get the mother of the year award with this film. Ben is Back is the story of Ben(played by Lucas Hedges) who unexpectedly comes home when he’s supposed to be in rehab. The family initially freaks out, his mom (Julia Roberts) hides all the pills from the bathroom, and also hides her jewelry. They initially want to send him back, but then because it’s Christmas the mom decides he can stay for one day, makes him take a drug test, and says he can’t leave her sight for even a moment. Things seem pretty good, until they come home from church and their dog is missing.

This was a good film. I wish there was a bit more back story, but seemed like they didn’t want to focus on the past too much, and more so deal with the 24hrs. I didn’t love it, but it was good. It shows what someone dealing with addiction goes through and what the family goes through too. I won’t be surprised if this gets Julia Roberts an Oscar nomination.

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